What is
Wink Tech?

Wink Tech is focused on acquiring great MSP and digital transformation businesses. We partner with founders and offer a life-changing liquidity event for them and their families, while offering long-term partnership, growth, and ongoing opportunities for shared success. After the acquisition, we combine your unique capabilities and resources with the rest of the companies in our portfolio, making everyone faster and stronger.

Wink Tech is a founder-run organization, started by Corey Weiner. Corey is a serial entrepreneur and experienced technology CEO with multiple successful exits, most recently selling his technology business to Advantage Solutions (NASDAQ: ADV). Wink Tech is a portfolio company of Wildcat Capital Management. Wildcat was formed as the family office of TPG co-founder David Bonderman*, and shares a similar long-term, growth-oriented approach to business building.

Why should you partner with us?

Unlike private equity firms, our investors are a family office. What does that mean for you? It means we are:

Wink Tech
Focused on the long-term

Unlike a private equity firm, we're not focused on selling the business in 3-5 years. Family offices love holding for the long-run, so we're building for the long-run.

Investors in new products and innovation

We're investing to build a truly great business, and we know we'll need to acquire new capabilities for you to sell to your clients. Whether that means buying another business or hiring the right people, we'll help you get there.

Obsessed with culture

We would never want to mess with what made your business great, so let's focus on making it bigger, not different.

Flexible with founders

We offer full or partial cash outs, and founders can stay or go, depending on their preference. If founders decide to stay, we build in a lucrative reason to do so.

Here's what we'll add

We’re experts at making your business faster, stronger, and more efficient. When integrating
businesses, our strategy is to improve efficiency, add innovative new offerings, drive cost savings
through bulk purchasing, and provide back-office support and capabilities.


Our platform drives growth by integrating our acquisitions, allowing our companies to leverage existing client relationships and unlock new market opportunities

Sales & Marketing

By unifying brand and strategy, we make your sales team more efficient. We’ll implement cutting edge sales automation techniques, and best-in-class CRM practices.


We’ll add innovative new products and services for your sales teams to sell, growing your business by expanding your customer relationships.

Back Office

We’ll support your business by managing finance, budgets, HR, talent acquisition, and more, allowing you to focus on the core of what you do best.

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